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Hello, and welcome to The REAL Blogger

A place where I offer my opinion on the many different facets that make up this roller coaster we call life.

Whether its a movie, TV show, book or travel spot review. Or insight into relationships, mental health, career and self-care, I touch on many different topics that make up the REAL world we are living in.

I created this blog for a few reasons; One because I want to showcase a portfolio of my writing. 

Two, I am a huge film buff but struggled to find honest reviews that were unbiased and unaffiliated, so I have decided to write them myself.

Three, this life is so weird and wonderful, strange, confusing and often disappointing, and I believe its important to hear from someone who is just as unsure of life as you probably are.

Lastly, if I have some tips or tricks or insight that might help someone else then I would rather share it then keep it to myself.

I hope you enjoy this space and please feel free to get in touch with me about anything.​

Nicole Burns


Originally from Australia, 

Nicole has a background in photography, graphic design and acting. Nicole started her first business in 2018 and has been passionate about creative writing since high school. Nicole wrote her first play in 2019 which was performed in London, and has written a number of monologue and duologues for different charity shows around London. She is currently working on her first novel, a 'whodunnit' thriller.  

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